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Aug 9, 2013 9:00am EDT
. - rob, dana. - dana? something inside me screams how cute you are. you got something magical in your eyes. - is that so? - you got a boyfriend? - i do. - yeah? you want another one? you got a lot of tattoos. that means you can take the pain. - oh, i can take pain. i can give pain too. - can i touch-- can i play with your hair? - no. - i'm having this party later. maybe you guys ought to come. would you give me a number or what? - uh, maybe. - so, rob, was it a success? - absolutely. all i do is succeed. i never fail. - you never fail? - never. - maybe it's your outlook. you have such a great outlook. - by staying positive, you're able to accomplish a lot of things. - winners never fail. - look, girls are the same as guys. but girls do it in their own fashion. so if you specialize in the way girls do it, it's-- trick is the wrong word. - you're just playing the same game. - yeah, yeah. they're horny too. so you give them what they want and we get what we want and we can all be friends. - hey, you know what? you put up a good argument. when we come back, we're gonna hear from anot
Search Results 0 to 0 of about 1